Whether it’s exam season or you just need a good reason to stay up all night check out my first JAM playlist: Late Night Cram Jams! It’s a playlist of chilled out music that you can listen to at night with some upbeat ones sprinkled in!

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Grab your best pals, buckle in and hit the road because what’s summer without a good long drive with friends? With the help of Expedia.ca, we’ve put together the best jams for roadtripping from The Beatles, to Tracy Chapman, that will keep you going all day and night long. Iced tea and snacks not provided.

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If you’re a fan of Bookie’s Crackle and Pop, you’ll love this playlist. It’s a tribute to the roots of indie and modern alt music with artists from past decades, including: Pixies, Alabama Shakes, and more.

There are so many songs about people, so for this JAM playlist I asked you if your name made it into a track.
Having your name immortalized in song can be an amazing thing (or kind of annoying if you hate the song and people continue to sing it at you,) so behold!

Songs about people that might be featuring YOUR NAME! If your name didn’t make the cut, feel free to share your favourite tracks (including ones featuring your name) int eh comments.

With hits from Fast Romantics, The Beatles, The Killers and more, take a listen now on JAM by Indie88.

If you’re a fan of movies and the 1990s, this playlist is for you!

A while back I asked you for your favourite 90’s soundtracks – and you posted all your faves – from The Crow to Romeo & Juliet to Pulp Fiction and back, I went through your suggestions and
compiled a playlist that’s the highlights of movie tracks from that fine decade.

So, if every awesome ‘90s movie were smashed together and had one soundtrack, I hope it would be this! Let me know what you like, what was missed and which song had you thinking of Troy Dyer eating a Snickers bar.

There’s a great deal to be proud of this marvelous country. From far and wide, Canada is home to serene beauty, world class people and some truly awesome music all the world can enjoy.

For Canada Day this year, we’ve compiled a list of great Canadian tracks from the past couple decades for a JAM playlist. So grab a pint of domestic, do a shot of maple syrup and belt out some golden tunes from this country’s finest, including The Tragically Hip, Arcade Fire, Alanis Morissette and more.